Adventures of the dazzling shadow

This morning Zazu got more exposure to being around the vet while Ella was being cared for and they tried to figure things out. After that I spent a fair amount of time tending to Ella and making sure I had done everything I possibly could before all she wanted was sleep and quiet. 

At that point I did the only thing I could, I let her rest. I got Zazu and I out of the house and we shadowed a training group where he got to be around other dogs and gain experience there and on the bus, following commands around other dogs, not jumping up on people with working legs, walking on a grated surface, and being on a lift. Zazu absolutely rocked it all, maintaining a loose leash on slip leash and an off leash heel when asked for short periods. He also held a 1 minute down-stay much to my surprise!

He is gaining more confidence and becoming more outgoing in exploring his surroundings as well as obtaining more impulse control as time goes on. 

Something he struggles with is he likes to chew on rocks. 🤦‍♀️